Care of Linens

Wash Day Blues

Washing your fine linens today, you need to be a rocket scientist. All of our manufactures include washing do's and don'ts within their packaging. But invariably something fades or bleaches out for our customers.

Our Rules

(From experience)
If you have any questions please call the store, and we would love to discuss your washing dilemmas with you. We at Nancy's Linens love to chit chat with our customers.
1. Wash your linens and bed sheets separately. Zippers, buttons and other rough stuff can cause pilling.

2. Please button up and close your zippers on your duvets and shams; pilling again and the zippers can cause damage on your duvets.

3. If you have a top load machine start the water first, then add your detergent. You must dilute the concentrated soap solutions. (Have you ever had white dots on your blue jeans?). Always use the extra rinse

4. If you have a front load, please use the extra rinse cycle. Most of our manufactures tell us the front loads do not use enough water. I have had graying towels brought back to the store, and they were just full of soap. RINSE RINSE RINSE.

5. Do not over dry your sheets and towels (or your personal laundry). Don't use the highest settings. Take a little longer and dry your laundry on lower cycles. Hot dryers create pill ing on sheets, and shorten the life of your towels (also causing the Dolby Border to shrink). Extreme temperatures will decrease the life of your linens.
6. Our manufactures recommend no softeners, either liquid or dryer sheets. But, I use a half of a dryer sheet when I launder my sheets. They seem to come out less wrinkled. If you do use a dryer sheet remember you are coating (waxing) your linens; that's why towels sometimes don't dry when you are fresh from the shower.
7. Detergents. We don't recommend the nationally advertised laundry detergent. Our recommendations are DREFT, LINEN WASH, and CALDREA. Detergents that say free, only mean they are free of perfume. When you see brighteners that means bleach. They have just invented chemicals that do not contain natural bleach (as we know it) but we at Nancy's Linens, feel these new chemicals are just a form of bleach. A customer used a "pure detergent" from Costco's (she said), and her trim on the linens lost their color. Believe us, Dreft does a great job.

8. Linens you have inherited from your grandma are not full of food stains. They were just put away with soap residue still present. Here are a few suggestions

  1. Try some old Fels Napa soap on the stain.
  2. If they are white, you can make a small solution of bleach and Dreft. Rub it in the spot let it sit, and the RINSE, RINSE, RINSE
  3. Out of desperation I have put some bleach in a cup, and put the item in the solution for a minute or two. The again RINSE,RINSE, RINSE


Poly/cotton linens.

Every couple of years, I notice my blended linens are a little off in their color. All I do after washing the linens is start another rinse cycle and add MOTHER'S BLUEING (found in the grocery store). I take an 8 cup Pyrex dish, fill it with water, and then add a couple drops of the blueing. When your machine fills up (top load) just add the diluted mixture to this rinse, and let it finish washing. YOU MUST DILUTE THE BLUEING...OR IT WILL STAIN YOUR LINENS. (FRONT LOAD: I would think you could put the water solution in your rinse cycle)